months together — months apart

562 days together, 280 days apart, 26 countries.

Since we met in Hungary at the autumnal equinox in 2014, we have spent months both together and months apart due to visa regulations, travels and projects. He comes from Australia and I from Germany – the furthest distance around the globe, only New Zealand being slightly further away. Only one week after we first met he had to leave Europe for three months. During the periods we spend alone, we focus on our personal aims, feel the mental connection and the trust, but sometimes feel paralysed by the longing for each other. It is a constant change between together and apart, farewell and reunion, distance and proximity, intimacy and remembrance. Every time one of us leaves, we are left wondering why we are doing it over and over again, but realise how our appreciation and love for each other is strengthened.

10 copies, numbered and signed
Hardcover, grey board with screen printed title and embedded photo
Hand sewn binding, digital print on 115g/m² Munken Print Cream 15 and 135g/m² Igepa CircleSilk Premium White Recyclingpapier
18 x 23,5 cm, 136 pages
Self-published, 2018